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  1. I think a major contribution to these accidents is abuse of law. I have seen many accidents where the drivers have no respect for law. No minimum distance when following a vehicle. Or over taking from left. Not wearing proper helmets, drink and drive and not maintaining speed limits would be major reasons for accidents.
  2. Happy to look at this. This is one step in the right way. But Ministry should also look at the Fastag issues, and ensure that , the vendor providing the tags is also liable. He has very bad experience with icici tag. And now struck with it.
  3. @RoadTrip, Thanks for the info. I have always found that these Haritha resorts lacks with respect to hotel rooms in the same budget. But in some areas , there is no other option, other than Haritha.
  4. @RoadTrip, the resort looks good, can you share more details about the condition of the rooms and washrooms? And is it worth 2400+taxes??
  5. Gifting the sun to your loved one. Beautiful concept. Great pics, Always wanted to have a drive to west coast. this will be on my check list.
  6. @mit1682 Beautiful pics. the fort looks great. after looking at your pics & @sagar's , would definitely love to visit this. Hope i get the vaccine by July 2021.
  7. Hello, any Planning/Plans for 2021 meet up?
  8. Wow, the pics are so good, I read your post once, but went through your pictures multiple times. Yeah, happened with me too. Drains a lot of energy. Govt should come up with PPP model,where some private player gets to refurbish it, and gets to take it in lease. It would be a great weekend getaway.
  9. Nice write-up, helpful for folks planning to go to Tpty.
  10. The safari is open from 1st of Oct. December is good time.
  11. Room Category Per night Tariff (INR) Extra Person (INR) Single Occupancy Double Occupancy 06-12 years 13 years & above Luxury Safari Tent or Deluxe Safari Cottage 7,500 8,000
  12. It's more of a grey area. If you take money to take them to hospital, then yes.
  13. Yes, i have also written to them on a cost benefit analysis with a 125cc scooter.(Ntorq) , but their argument is that Ather 450X cannot be compared to any ICE scooter, and 450x is much better than any ice scooter with touch screen and navigation. In addition to this you have to pay a monthly data fee of 470/- for data and updates. You have to pay 1000/- for installation of charger (Ather dot) + amount required for the wire to connect to your line.(Length upto 4m is included in the 1000/- installation fee). They are trying to be the iPhone of Two wheelers.
  14. @Sridhar Tandra , If you are going for full body wrap , then you have to get all your denting and painting work. Even with smaller dents, the wrap doesn't stick properly. And if it's just scratches, the wrap will not look good. Your car doesn't look like a new car. You can go for roof / side mirrors wrap, @Gowtham must have had the idea that you are going for a full body wrap, when he said cops magnet.(Even I was thinking the same, until I read your last post.)
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