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  1. Yes , Bodakonda waterfall is a seasonal waterfall. It doesn't have any flow during summers.
  2. Yes, India is not ready for EV adoption yet. Imo, Govt gets only 28% Gst , and 14% Road tax as one time tax in purchase of a vehicle. But the taxes on fuel is a continuous revenue stream for both central and state govt. They only promote to an extent. And that too just for the sake of it, I don't think govt has real intention for this transition. Instead of govt, private players has to step up in building the infrastructure.
  3. Update : Due to the long wait times, Bajaj Chetak has stopped taking orders. (Pune and Bengaluru). Im surprised to find that a company like Bajaj , with years of experience , instead of scaling up , is stopping bookings in the cities of Bengaluru and Pune. whats your opinion/comment on this??
  4. Hello Shiva, test mules are right now running in Chennai and Bengaluru. It more like a real world testing of the scooter. The users/owners of 450 , and 450x pre booking guys are given 450x for two/three days ,and the company is gathering users feedback and statistics of the scooter. Ather experience centers will unveiled at the end of this month(Dates haven't been out yet). And as soon as it's open in Hyderabad, 450x will be available for test drive. (worst estimate, mid October)
  5. Exactly , they should realize that India is a price sensitive market. And , they should try to get profits from volume and not margins. Never heard "Honda" and "Pathetic" in the same sentence before. Shows the refinement and ride quality offered by EV's. That's exciting. 1000 Kms EV trip. Hope in India too we will have similar infrastructure. Just like filling stations , EV chargers stations has to be set up with local private partnership. The break time is very nominal. even without a Tesla(Specially travelling with women and kids), we take
  6. Thank you @sagar. Would like to go there alone on a bike.
  7. Excellent trip and Pics @sagar , @tejub . Really serene. Would try to do this this weekend. Some queries, Is is doable on bike ? (The mud roads) How much time did you guys take to drive from BHEL till the Temple parking? Do we need any permits to enter the National Park? Thank you Rahul
  8. I have always felt that electric vehicle revolution in India , would be through Two wheeler than Four wheeler. Scooters and bikes are the base of commute , not just in urban congregations but all over India, a fact easily deduce-able from the sheer volume of sales. In the Fy 2019, the number of two wheelers sold in India is approximately five times the number of four wheelers. ( 21.1 Million units vs 4.4 Million Units). And with 3.15 million units sold in the year 2019 , Honda Activa is the reigning monarch. So , this EV day , i want to explore the EV options who can challenge Honda Activa an
  9. These kind of beds are not comfortable for fully grown adult. They are good for children or desperate adults.( My experience from trying the car bed, and also mine is a hatchback.) Since you already have experience sleeping in car. I suppose you are carrying all the necessary things for comfort. Covid-19 is an air borne disease. And spreads rapidly in high density population areas. Public washrooms have high density of people , some with questionable hygiene. In my opinion , a hotel room, in a hotel which follows all the precautions (little expensive , top brand
  10. Yup, exactly why I like the place. Can park freely. And a usable washroom, specially when you are with ladies. And service is below average , of the two times I went there with three other people, they have misplaced the order. And the food ordered was so late that we dared not to ask the waiter to take back the wrong order. Just ate whatever was served and paid the bill.
  11. Unfortunate, as it is buyers responsibility. But will sure does give peace of mind.
  12. Good option, i would like to get updates if there is an e-challan on my name. Will also solve the problem of challans for second hand vehicles, where Registration was not transfered by the buyer.
  13. There are multiple legs with duration as 10-15 days, which is manageable leave in some companies.
  14. Even tough it sounds interesting, I would not prefer this. I feel that we would miss out on the interaction with natives and their culture which is a major part of the travelling experience. And secondly , cannot afford the trip too. :P
  15. The Jungle Book By Rudyard Kipling - During my childhood , the only cartoon which used to come on DD is Junglebook. And the kids from early 90's late 80's would surely know the underwear clad Protagonist Mowgli. Some of us, like me, would also recollect the song "Jungle Jungle Baat chali hai , pata chala hai , chaddi pehenke phool kile hai" , Now you might be wondering why is this guy being nostalgic , well the story of Jungle book is set in Pench National Park. Hence the nostalgia. Planning to the weekend Trip To Pench : I stay in Hyderabad , and cannot complete the trip to
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