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  1. Name - Rajagopal Profession - IT Empoyee Vehicle you drive/ride - Baleno petrol Your longest drive(few words) - Hyd to vizag to Tirupati and back to Hyd You favourite road trip destination (few words) - Mahabaleshwar tour Few pictures from your recent travel Mobile numbe6- 99xxxx
  2. Before You Leave Home Traveling by Train Stop the delivery of newspapers Switch off the stove, electric iron, room heaters or radiators, etc., turn off the water supply to the washing machine Stop courier (FedEx, DHL, etc.) delivery or provide a different delivery address or ask someone you trust to them pick up Carry your prescription medications, if any Do not accept food from strangers Do not exchange personal information with strangers
  3. Troubleshoot starts after gannavaram roads under construction, bit traffic jam @ hanuman junction, avoid tadepalligudem-nidadavolu diversion instead continue with highway tanuku-ravulapalem. Rest you will enjoy the journey.
  4. Thank you sagar for the update. Gachibowli to vijayawada stretch no doubt excellent road condition. Started 5:30am and reached kanaka durga amma vari temple 10:30am - 5 hrs journey including 1hr break, had darshan and started @11:30am from temple and reached vizag 9:30pm (rajahmundry 5:30pm) - 10hrs very hectic journey including 2hrs break. vijayawada to tp gudem roads are in bad condition and tp gudem to rajahmundry roads are very bad condition, request all not to take this route at least for some time, rajahmundry to vizag very good road condition.
  5. Vizag-Vijayawada-Naidupeta-Srikalahasti-Tirumala Planning to start 3:00AM from vizag, 9:00AM (approx.) breakfast @ Garuda food court, Eluru. After that unable to get good restaurants for lunch, searching somewhere between Ongole - Nellore. Please help me in this regard.
  6. Hi all, Planning to have a trip to my home town vizag, stay for atleast 10 days then travel to tirumala have a darshan and drive back to hyderabad, see below route map. No. of persons - 2 Adult/1 child Vehicle - Baleno Travel start date - 29th oct Travel end date - 16th Nov Gachibowli-Vijayawada-Tanuku-Ravulapalem-Rajahmundry-Vizag (due to recent cyclone/rains, no idea about road condition via nidadavole so thought of continue through highway) Vizag-Vijayawada-Naidupeta-Srikalahasti-Tirumala Tirumala-Vontimetta-kadapa-kurnool-Gachibowli
  7. 7 food court - suryapet Garuda food court - Eluru
  8. Any updates on quarantine, if travel to AP from telangana ?? Thinking to go vizag (home town-casual visit only) from hyderabad for 7-10 days trip.
  9. ok thank you for your information. I think from 1st june we can travel (if anybody wants) hassle free.
  10. In 1 week span twice you traveled HYD-AP-HYD, correct !!! No body questioned your Quarantine stamp on your hand ?? Are they providing pass only emergency or any other reason ?? I came to know that if you have any emergency or valid reason than only they are allowing to cross the border. Asking you out of my curiosity.
  11. I ordered FASTAG from Paytm 3 weeeks ago still not received, ?
  12. Between Hyd and Vskp. Which route is better between Eluru to Rajahmundry:- Eluru - Nallajerla - Rajahmundry (Godavari 4th bridge, Diwancheruvu) or Eluru - TP gudem - Nidadavole - Rajahmundry or any other ....???
  13. Guys, I would like to know the implementation of FASTAG as Mandatory or Optional. I think there is no such GO passed that FASTAG is Mandatory (still trying to figure out some concrete information). Per my opinion it should be an optional, you can take FASTAG and pass through that lanes or you can pay by cash and go through non- FASTAG lanes. Government is announcing to be as Mandatory but seems no proper implementation in this regard. Even in USA you will see both options in all Toll plaza (Cash/Cashless). Above said is just my thought/opinion/assumption and wo
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