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  1. This is one of the forward that I received recently. No information on the project name. Investment opportunities in a 30 Acre Plus. G + 14 High Rise Gated Community with All modern Amenities. Do let me know, if any of the below options suit ur requirements. Below are the location highlights: Just 500 mts away from Kollur ORR Exit 2. Located within the growth corridor as site is less than 500 mts from the ORR. Reputed international schools in the radius of 4 kms (Birla, Samashti and Gaudium etc) 20 minute drive to Wipro junction 10 minute drive to Financi
  2. Very good post @LoneRanger. I never knew we had some many options in the market. This is an eye opener for me. Good one Sridhar. May be ask him to join here and share his views.
  3. TATA can install their own charging stations. Like how Tesla did in US. Govt. should slash the tax on EVs completely. Then manufactures will start pushing EV products.
  4. Good post Radhika. Any update on when they will open the services to general public? Planning for a quick getaway with family.
  5. Your trips are very helpful for people like me. I love quick and easy getaways. Don't want to drive too long. Ideal getaways during COVID. Nice place 😀 Yeah, agree with you on this.
  6. Always love your pictures. Finally a post with all the information. Will plan on weekdays to avoid crowd. Is there any entry ticket for this place?
  7. Good information guys. Is it safe for a couple to visit?
  8. Thank you for the details Sagar. One of my colleague is looking for a flat in Kollur. I will forward the link.
  9. Looks like that is on paper price. Sure it is too high for that particular area. I have visited INCOR project they are well built.
  10. Updating the forward that I received recently. Did not get ay further details. Looks like a good deal? Any idea on who is the builder?
  11. You can go near water. No restrictions. Yes sir I can provide you muscle power.
  12. Fanatic place. Any idea how much time the overall hike will take? I am not an expert but wanted to try.
  13. Guys any car can do it. Sedans should be little careful. But we can do it Sedans as well. During rains track may get muddy need to be extra careful. Crowd is high on weekends(Sunday). Don’t plan during festival season. Most of the city folks visit their home town. They all end up near the waterfalls. If it is unavoidable, plan early in the morning.
  14. It is exciting to post a travelog after a log gap. We recently drove to a waterfalls near Karmingar. It is are very less explored place. Drive to the waterfalls is little tricky but it is fun. If you are driving towards Karminagar in monsoon please make a point to visit this place. Monsoon is the best time to visit. Avoid in summer in winter. Place is very peaceful. Less crowd due to COVID. Photos came out dull due to low light, road is little rough but swift made it without any issues Nature at its best, very calm and serine Very few people By evening is
  15. Is it possible to change the existing phone number. Anyone tried it?
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