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  1. Initially not (as i started 8 pm in night) and i enjoyed driving in ghat roads in night as well but when i about to reach hyderabad (around 6 am in morning) it became hetic i.e because of 10 hrs of long drive i got tired as i didn't sleep properley before start driving back. I drove vitara Breeza ZDI+.
  2. We started journey from HYD near Bowanpally at 2:30 AM on 16th of Feb 2019 and it took me around 13 hours to reach Goa(i.e calangut).It is a kind of non stop drive since we take only 15 min stop twice. We take this route with the help of google (Hyderabad > Zaheerabad > Humnabad > Kalaburgai > Bagalkot > Belgaum > choral > Calangut). The condition of road is overall good but from Kalaburagi to Bagalkot there is some bad patches of around 3-4 km(If you follow google maps blindly then it will take you from villages where you can hit bad roads). And while comming
  3. I am planning a trip to GOA from HYD by car next weekend. So anyone can suggest me the best route for that? I am planning to leave around 2:00 AM from Hyderabad to Goa which way i have to take?
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