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  1. Actually I went for a family function and stayed with relative. You will not get any staying option around this spot. One can club Nanded city exploration and this spot.
  2. Hi not sure about such taxes. Only you need to pay fastag charges. Check weather conditions. It will be good if it is cool. Hot weather will be problematic
  3. Note: Lockdown is over not the Pandemic. We request travelers to follow all safety measures. We have taken at most care like, - Used personal car for all drive. - Carried homemade food and water during all travel. - Used face mask and sanitizers wherever required. - Avoided crowded places. My companion in travel. - Car Baleno Zeta CVT – reliable partner. - Smartphone Poco f1 – handy for photography -. Canon 1300d - for dream click Difficulty level: - No problem for elders and kids. - During rain area becomes slippery. So be careful. Before traveling to this area get information on road conditions & travel restriction. This water fall is active during monsoon only Road conditions: - We took Hyd-Nizambad-Nanded route. There is other route Hyd-Nirmal Best time to visit: - The monsoon (Jul-Sept) is the best season to visit the place with family and tourists will not regret having chosen the destination. - If you hate crowed and wants to enjoy peacefully then plan trip on weekdays. Sahastra kund location: https://goo.gl/maps/ZV5rWe2a7fnmS7ir9 2021 was again impacted by covid19 and our exploration plan went for a toss. Monsoon has special place in my heart hence decided to do something during it. Luckily we got a family function invitation from Nanded and i started looking out places around it. Found Sahastra kund. This is seasonal water fall and famous in this area. Planning made and we were ready for this exploration. But suddenly we got message that due to heavy rain road towards this location was washed away. I started checking with my local resource and we found one route which was bit difficult but there was assurance on reaching to this spot. My parents advised me to cancel this plan. But i decided to continue and it worked. We somehow reached it and explored the beauty. This place is worth visiting. Family and kids will surely enjoy. Distance is around 300 km from hyderabad
  4. Yes this photo was taken from watch tower of Urban park Narsapur.
  5. @sagar it was heavily raining from last few days. It will be difficult to reach water body
  6. Thank you very much for suggestions. Not having tripod. Now surely buy one.
  7. Device: canon 1300d Lens: 55-250 mm Location: Miyapur (my apartment) Time: early morning & evening hours Concept: Birds and Sun
  8. Device: canon 1300d Lens: 55-250 mm Location: Miyapur (my apartment) Time: early morning hours Concept: wings
  9. Only status says card printed. Waiting for dispatch details
  10. Click NO at is same financier continued option. Put your any other number as financier number. Check this and hope it works. I have done same
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