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  1. Very detailed blog. Thanks for sharing. One more location added in my bucket list. Can all above Spot be able to complete in 1 day?
  2. Wow nice trip. Reminds me about my trip in January 2020. One of the best place for relaxation. Grand canyon of India. But we noticed the place is becoming more commercial. AC tents they were charging some where around 3k to 4k. We stayed at Haritha. And it was decent one. If got opportunity, will surely plan trip in future.
  3. True. But this time covid19 ruined the fun. All the places kept on restrictions.
  4. I got opportunity to visit this place. This is 14 km from Hadapsar towards diva ghat. Built around 1720 AD, Mastani Lake or Talav has a fascinating history attached to it. The lake was actually called the Wadki Talav. The name was later changed after the two love birds, Bajirao and Mastani kept visiting the spot and it was often considered to be Mastani Bai’s bathing spot. It is believed that the lake on the outskirts of Pune was frequently visited by Bajirao Peshwa and his second wife, Mastani when they went horseback riding. They would stop and take a swim in
  5. Most of the time our trips are like 'take the car and let's go'. So nothing on planning
  6. Ranganaya being at longer distance is less crowded. There are no restriction on entry so that you can move around reservoir. This is the only advantage it have.
  7. We were literally frustrated due to lockdown and were looking for a short drive in the month of June. Then we got information about safe location - Ranganayaka Sagar reservoir. I checked with my Baleno group BOCH ( Baleno Owners Club Hyderabad) and found one more couple for ride. We started from Hyderabad at 7 am and reached by 10 am. Being 100 km away from Hyderabad you will find less crowd on weekends. But if you really want to enjoy plan travel on weekdays. Road condition from Hyderabad to Ranganayaka Sagar: Roads are excellent till reservoir. Distance is around 115 km.
  8. Very easy. One needs to travel few metres ahead. And from temple need to take right turn. Road is bit bad.
  9. Main entry is closed for public. There is entry from backside and is open for public.
  10. After unlock 4.0 we started exploring options for travel, which should be short one and safe. Got info about Kondapochamma reservoir and decided to explore it. Initial plan was to catch sunrise. But home's chief minister and leader of opposition (my son, they rules the house) objected this. So started around 8 in the morning from Miyapur. Kondapochamma entry: It has two entries, main entry and secondary entry. Some times main entry is closed, no need to disappoint. There is one more entry from the back side. Drive a little further ahead you can find a
  11. Beautiful travel log. Planning this drive soon. Information provided surely helps a lot 👍.
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