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  1. Recent Trip on Sep2020, I joined as a 12th men to this trip, 2 cars Polo and XUV 300 with 6 ppl, Road conditions was worst when we took detour towards Nandi hills, better to continue till the Bangalore Airport rd and the connecting road to Hassan, you wont regret only u have to drove 100kms etc compare to Annathapur-Challakere-Chikmaglur. Note: Book you Homestays before starting from Hyderabad. This thing costed us a stress and time, as i already mentioned i was a 12th man for this tripπŸ˜ƒ
  2. Hyderabad- Bhutan in a Duster AWD check in this post
  3. Day 1 & Day 2: Nothing here to do except chill out with food orders, swimming and photo shoot. Absolutely free from the mad crowd of mahabaleshwar, The hotel stay view is such , never got any intention to go and visit the view points around. Mandir ka Darshan is only the thing we did. Its like one of the laziest (nothing to do anything) trip i ever had in life. Kids are ordering food every 2-3 hrs and back to swimming in breaks.
  4. Day 2 : Due to mytri diwas celebrating in tawang, bumla pass permits r not issuing as Defence Minister Rajnath Singh coming for 15 mins, stopped all permits 2 days before and after his arrival and when asked some military persons does he go by road to that place they said no, then why his reply terrorists may attack and u can also be one of them....Funny..... Decided to ztry my luck from Zamithang route. Reached till the last check post to enter Zemithang but Military personal stopped and said same story u can also be a Terrorist....I cant say anything there but maniman me .....
  5. Night 1: First Night Long drive from Hyderabad started on 10 pm from Jalvayu towers, lower tankbund and reached hotel at mahabaleshwar 10 am, as the roads after panchgani to mahabaleshwar very bad it took 2 hrs for me. It was my first Night Drive so very excited and no sleep at all till 6 pm after that had a power nap for 15 mins and then reached the Hotel, took same road as suggested by ID group in their previous meetup drive. Nothing much to say just roads and roads on NH, till the diversion at Indapur after crossing solapur, road is good compared to my ride of 2018 BOBMC at
  6. Day 1: Started on 13-11-2019 from guwahati at 5:30 am to Tawang reached at 7:30 pm same day, most people don't do, even i took the route where no one dared to go i.e Phadung Road from kalakthang, Most of ppl drive / ride towards bomdila from kalkthang Route taken Guwahati- bhairabkund-kalkthang-phadung-mandala-dirang -sela pass- tawang. I may be stupid/ crazy to do this adventures road, saw many wild animals Elephants, deers similar to sambhars, yaks, horses (20-30) & jackals but no tigers or cheetahs?. from kalkthang to Mandala 95% riding alone no incoming or outgoing vehic
  7. 1 Road conditions are very good vizag to kolkatha , u better check with @aritray he drove Hyd to kolkatha in a day continuously. 2) I never faced any pblm at the borders u mentioned both 2 wheeler ride and 4 wheeler drive 3) you can at orissa tourism place near chilka, u have to be careful for the diversion to chilka, easy to miss 4)I dont think so any issue comes to ur vehicle if u make it under 140kmph 5) always start from 5 am will be a better way to reach destination 6)ample time to do even u can have ur car through ferry route, instead of NH from puri. 7) I d
  8. Started on May 25th, 2019 and ended on 5th june, 2019. Total 5100kms. Write up will be soon Once I collect pics from Sree
  9. BOBMC Ride 2019 Live Free - Ride Hard Route Plan: Hyderabad –Omkareswar – Ujjain – Sanchi – Khajuraho – PrayagRaj – Varanasi – Mathura – Jaipur – Pushkar – Chittorgarh – Udaipur – Jodhpur – Jaisalmer – Longewala – Tanot – Dholavira – White Desert – Somnath – Dharampur - Hyderabad started on 23rd January 2019 and Ended on 10th February 2019. Day1: Started early by 4:30 am from Home as todays ride going to be the longest ride of entire trip 820kms. Hyderabad- adilabad-konghara its NH43, cruising at GOD speeds of 90-110kmph. Freezing cold even after having inners and
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