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  1. Dear Friends, I returned to HYDERABAD from BHUBANESWAR on 2nd APRIL and while return I followed our traditional route BHUBANESWAR-BERHAMPUR-PALASA-SRIKAKULAM-VISAKHAPATNAM-RAJMUNDRY-VIJAYAWADA-HYDERABAD. We started from BHUBANESWAR at 4:45 AM and reached HYDRRBAD at 1:30AM (around 21hr). It was a 1100+ km drive with break for BREAKFAST,LUNCH,DINNER and couple of BIO breaks. I was the SOLO DRIVER in this trip and It was the longest drive in my life till date......😀😀. Honestly speaking by the time I hit HYDERABAD ORR around 12:45 AM , I was feeling very sleepy but mangag
  2. Thank you Manju . Thank you Manju for the information . I will take a note of this for the next time (Planning to go to Bhubaneswar on 1st week of MAY-2020) This time I returned to Hyderabad on 2nd April . I will put the return details in next post. Regards BORNDRIVER
  3. Very nice details and very helpful. How was the road condition through out ? The roads were smooth throughout? Any GHAT section in this route where we need to be extra careful? Regards BORNDRIVER Sent from my SM-M305F using Tapatalk
  4. Friends, Starting my return trip to Hyderabad from Bhubaneswar next week. It has been a long trip to my native Bhubaneswar from Oct 2020 till April 2021 . While coming from Hyderabad to Bhubaneswar , I took BHADRACHALAM-MALKANGIRI-KORAPUT-BERHAMPUR route. I already put the details of that route in my earlier blog . This time I will return via our traditional route that is BHUBANEWAR-BERHAMPUR-PALASA-VIZAG-RAJMUNDRY-VIJAYAWADA. I heard that the stretch between RAJMUNDRY and VIJAYAWADA has improved a lot. I will try to capture detail pictures of these road conditions and post them here. P
  5. The next leg of this journey was from KORAPUT to BHUBANESWAR. It is around 500km out of which 350km will be DENSE FOREST , GHATs, a lot of sharp & blind turns but will be a very joyful drive who loves forest & nature. The KORAPUT to BHUBANESWAR will pass through below places in sequential order. 1. KORAPUT 2. KAKIRIGUMA 3. LAKSHMIPUR 4. RAYAGADA 5. JK PUR 6. GUMUDA 7. ADAVA 8. MOHANA 9. TAPTAPANI 10.DIGAPAHHANDI 11.BERHAMPUR 12.CHHATRAPUR 13.GANJAM 14.BALUGAON 15.KHURDHA 17.BHUBANESWAR In ths entire 500km stretch the road condition will
  6. In KORAPUT , We stayed in HOTEL RAJ RESIDENCY. There are not much staying option in KORAPUT . However this Hotel is a decent one for 1 to 2 night stay. The food (breakfast & dinner) was good. In GOIBIBO.COM , We can see this hotel. The plan was to stay for 1 night but we changed the plan to take some more rest and to move around KORAPUT to see some local places. There are quite a good waterfalls around. The one near to KORAPUT are RANI DUDUMA WATER FALL & DUDUMA WATER FALL.The details can be seen in GOOGLE. Between these two the near one and easily approachable was RANI DUD
  7. Here are the complete Trip details with pictures from HYDERABAD TO BHUBANESWAR via BHADRACHALAM -MALKANGIRI-KORAPUT. My most TRUSTED FRIEND my TOYOTA ETIOS was fully ready to have this drive . In-fact it was very eagerly waiting for this long trip after a prolong corona virus lockdown period. Being in CORONA VIRUS pandemic time ,We preferred to pack our food (breakfast, lunch and snacks) before and a full cartoon of water bottle in the car . The MAPMYINDIA NAVGATION was set and in parallel the GOOGLE MAP was also ready for cross check . Between MAPMYINDIA a
  8. Thanks Gourav a nice brief summary ...It gives a good idea on recent Hyd to Nagpur road condition and onwards till Rourkela.....Though I am native of Odisha but never been to SAMBALPUR ,ROURKELA those areas.....😀😀 The road condition between DURG & RAIPUR is full of pot holes or it is just patchy stretches......?
  9. KORAPUT is a part of south orissa and it is basically a hill town. It is abasically a tribal area but has developed into a decent town with all modern facilities. Not only KORAPUT but its surroundig areas like JEYPORE,SUNABEDA, MALKANGIRI,DAMANJODI,RAYAGADA are very very decent towns. This south orissa is full of DENSE FOREST, MOUNTAINS ,DENSE FOREST etc ....The SOUTH ORISSA trip itself is a full itnery . There are many water falls .....small montaiin rivers along the way ..... If we see GOOGLE MAP the stretch BHADRACHALAM-MALKANGIRI-KORAPUT-RAYAGADA-ADAVA-MOHNA-DIGAPAHANDI is 581
  10. This trip is completed ..I started from HYDERABAD on 28th Oct and reached KORAPUT on same day . Did 2 night halt in KORAPUT and started from KORAPUT on 30th Nov and reach Bhubaneswar same day.
  11. Finally the trip from HYDERABAD to BHUBANESWAR has been completed . I took the route HYDERABAD-SURYAPET-KHAMMAM-BHADRACHALAM-MALKANGIRI-KORAPUT-RAYAGADA-ADAVA-MOHNA-DIGAPAHANDI-BERHAMPUR-BHUBANESWAR. It was a complete 1300 km drive with 2 night halt in KORAPUT. Some sight seeing were done around KORAPUT. The roads are good through out this trip except a around total 40km bad stretch throughout ....The roads are full of forest and breathtaking from BHADRACHALAM-MALKANGIRI-KORAPUT-RAYAGADA-ADAVA-MOHNA-DIGAPAHANDI.....If someone wants to enjoy nature and love
  12. Hyderabad to Bangalore stretch is a dream to drive. However when I did this stretch in Feb-2020 , I observed lots of speed breakers came up recently which makes the drive little boring. So watch out for more speed breakers. Apart from this absolutely no other complain. Sent from my SM-M305F using Tapatalk
  13. There is another route from HYDERABAD to BHUBANESWAR , Which I am planning to take . HYDERABAD-BHADRACHALAM-MALKANGIRI-JEYPORE-KORAPUT-RAYAGADA-ADAVA-MOHNA-TAPTAPANI-DIGAPAHANDI-BERHAMPUR-BHUBANESWAR. This route till DIGAPAHANDI is full of GHATs and very scenic. If the road conditions are ok, Driving in this route would be a absolute bliss. I am quite familiar with the route JEYPORE-KORAPUT-RAYAGADA-ADAVA-MOHNA-TAPTAPANI-DIGAPAHANDI-BERHAMPUR-BHUBANESWAR though not sure how is the road condition in these recent years having not been to my home town (BUBANE
  14. Friends ....I hope all of you are doing well in such Pandemic Time.....Wishing all of you to have safe on-coming road trips ....as everything slowly opening up . I am planning for a road trip from Hyderabad to Bhubaneswar around end of October-2020. My hometown is Bhubaneswar . This trip was planned in Apill-2020 with a 2 days halt at Vizag but cancelled due to lockdown. This time pretty determined to do this trip due to WFH & kids online classes......😀😀😀 This will be my first road trip to Bhubaneswar from Hyderabad. I will drive single in my TOYOTA ETIOS SEDAN (V
  15. Have you captured any picture of these routes? Naldurg to Tuljapur pathetic....Surprise ...I just did this in Jan last week during Nashik travel.... When you take Tuljapur exit from NH65 after Naldurg....the 1st 100 to 150 meter is pathetic....their after till Tiljapur road is good to very good though there are frequent speed breakers before 2 to 3 km to TULJAPUR..Even inside Tuljapur the road is very good (newly made). After Tuljapur till NH52 flyover...(It is only 2km) the road is very fine. Anyway I have captured all the pictures of these roads. I will upload in the thread "HYDERABAD TO SH
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