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  1. and the need for a new home may also be there in 15 years considering change in the way work related functions are happening..
  2. In continuation to the previous discussion the average EMi for an apartment is between 40-80 and the rent in a villa also depending on the area is around 50-1L ... except for the emotional factor of owning a house I feel renting in a villa is a cheaper option.
  3. In fact I am contemplating to sell of that high rise upon completion (may get around 6% ROI) and move into a villa on rent..
  4. Well i can give you the answer my wife gave .. We kind of booked a flat around an year ago in a high rise in Nallagandla which is still under construction ..Now my wife is thinking about the thought of staying in a community with thousands of families and people and using the same amenities which will be used by others. She wanted to sell that and think of getting into a Villa which would be kind of secluded with just double digit families .. and this thought process is passing on as with WFH almost permanent with many companies .. they would want to go back to their towns/villages or they w
  5. I would prefer carrying a sleeping bag and sleep at a secure place near a petrol pump (do we have any secure places??? ) . Get up and use the restrooms at the petrol bunk or toll plaza and get going again
  6. A week ago I did Hyd-Rajahmundry-Hyd in a single day (995km) - E-pass not mandatory but i still carried one as i was traveling with two elderly folks. -After getting down from exit 11 (ORR) the stretch for around 12km is horrifying with a million pot holes and due to that traffic Jam .. i was very surprised that just in a span of 5 months his road had come to this due to no maintenance. -Post the 12 km bad stretch the road is a breeze till Vijaywada.. -Cross vijaywada and then you will see road construction (6 lane in progress) till eluru and it slows you down a lot
  7. With this Pandemic .. the expected price for Villas by the sellers has gone up by 20%. The expected price of gated branded apartments has not changed. The price of small communities / smaller apartments has gone down by 40%.. There are tonnes of villas around Tellapur/Mokila .. Mokila the bigger ones quote around 3.5Cr plus and the around Tellapur it is currently around 2.5Cr plus.
  8. There is one ananda Bhavan after all the eateries mentioned above ... it comes on the other side when travelling from hyd to blore ... They have limited varieties but excellent taste , parking enough for 5 cars. I stopped there twice during my drive to blore as to eat in the above mentioned eateries it was too early for them and me.
  9. Guys anyone aware of the latest condition for roads ? HYD-Raipur?
  10. good information here.. definitely would help folks planning this travel..
  11. good that you missed,good that Gowtham did not get permission , good that me and sridhar did not initiate a whatsapp conversation. Lot of patience and determination required. Looking at the horrific traffic i remembered my saleswaram trip but at least that was to say hello to God ..
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