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  1. @LoneRangerThe cottages which are in the front line are very good compared to that of the AC standard rooms. But the prices are at the higher end. Is it worth 2400+taxes ? means, for beach view and just the few steps away to beach I think we can go for it and its the only staying option at beach Rooms are good(with a little bit wear and tear from outside)and Washrooms are average. A/C Standard Room pics:
  2. @sagarI have booked in a week advance... if there is any single holiday then the hotel rooms are just the hot cakes . MY suggestion is to book them in advance from AP tourism website. Previously I have stayed in other resorts which is 5km away from beach, but I rate Haritha resort is the best Cops word is, as per the covid rules we are shutting down the beach by 4pm. Sure More travelogue's to come...
  3. Hyd-Dwaraka Thirumala-Vijayawada-Amaravathi-Suryalanka Beach-Hyd Total Distance Covered: 1012 KMS Vehicle: Nissan Micra Fuel: Petrol Mileage: 21+ kmpl with A/C all the time(2 Adults and 1 kid). No. of Days: 3 From Jan 25th to 27th 2021. Total Tolls: 823/- [Through Fastag 705/- + cash 118/- ] Route expedition Via Google Maps Carried Snacks, water can and other essentials to shorten our halts during the journey due to covid.... ** SINGLE HAND DRIVING Day 1: Route: Hyderabad- Vijayawada- Dwaraka Thirumala.
  4. Yes @sagar u r correct and even it will take 5 to 10 more years to get it fully functional, it' is that's worse.
  5. @PareshBhinde, below is the breakup... ------------------------------, Petrol - 6616/- Fastag - 1030/- Hotels stays: MYSURU- 1500/- (1 night) Coorg - 1860/- (2 nights) Palolem- 5802/- (2 nights) Raichur- 700/- (1 night) Food cost for 7 days - 8600/- Dolphin boat trip - 2000/- Miscellaneous(parkings,river rafting, etc..) - 1000/- Approximate total tour cost:::: 29109/- *****My estimation was in between 30 - 35k ?
  6. @Ranger yes that was only wrong turn which I had taken. but overall experience was grt
  7. Toll details Hyderabad to Banglore: 730/- Coorg to Mangalore: 155/-
  8. Hyderabad - Mysuru - Coorg - Murudeshwara - Goa(Palolem) - Hyderabad Total Distance Covered: 2097 KMS Vehicle: Nissan Micra Fuel: Petrol Mileage: 23+ kmpl with 60% of A/C all the time(2 Adults and 1 kid). No. of Days: 7 Days From Dec 22nd to 28th 2019. Total Tolls: 1030/- [Through Fastag 960+ cash 70] Route expedition Via Google Maps ** SINGLE HAND DRIVING Day 1: Route: Hyderabad(NH 44) - Bangalore- Mysuru. Total distance covered on day 1 : 729 KMS Total Time: 14 hours 27 min with 5 breaks.
  9. @Ranger Yes, its a Temple run You are right its a right time to visit in Dec/Jan for temple visit/Trekking ..etc..But the temple is in renovating stage as of now, lots of work going around the temple so U wont be having a good view of the temple. @kailash310@gmail.com Some repair works are going on between allagadda and ahobilam route, and at the same time road is in very poor condition from narasapuram to ahobilam. Repair works started and they might get completed in a couple or more months as per the locals. My suggestion is not visit at this time due to the above co
  10. Thank you @sagar Yes, I am in love with Micra. About mileage, not exceeded above 80kmph. Staying details: Day 1 Halting @Mantralayam at sreeniketanam lodge(maintained by Mutt) Single room(With bed) - 300/- for 24hrs (advance 300) , very well maintained with all the facilities including hot water Single room(Without bed) - 200/- which is in TTD mandapam block. My suggestion is dont look for private hotels as an option, single room 2000+/- per night and maintenance is very bad. These are in no comparison to MUTT
  11. Hi Guest HSB , Yes enjoyed a lot, Nallamala forest via srisailam(Night stay) is the best option. You can check the below links for accommodation as well: http://nallamalaijunglecamps.com/index.php
  12. Road Trip: Hyderabad - Alampur - Mantralayam - Yaganti - Ahobilam - Mahanandi - Nallamala forest - Nagarjuna sagar - Warangal - Hyderabad. Total Distance Covered: 1300+ KMS Vehicle : Nissan Micra Fuel : Petrol Mileage: 20 kmpl with 70% of A/C No. of Days: 4 From Dec 24th to 27th 2017. Route expedition Via Google Maps Day 1: Route: Hyderabad - Mahbubnagar (NH 44) - Alampur - Kurnool - Mantralayam Total distance covered on day 1 : 320+ KMS It was Christmas holidays and decided to have a l
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