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  1. I just saw this message. Not sure if it's happening as not seen any reply here.
  2. Hyderabad - Bengaluru - Madurai - rameshwaram -Trichy - Tanjavur - kumbakonam - chidambaram - Pondicherry - Kanchi - Vellor - Tirupati - ontimitta - Hyderabad
  3. What's the best rout now from Hyderabad to Mahabaleshwar? Is it a good time to visit in the last week of December? Any good stay options? Or the areas need to be considered for stay near Mahabaleshwar and Panchagni?
  4. Yes. I heard it takes 10+ hrs. Never Heard such short time..
  5. I travelled from hyd to Vizag to hyd in the last 2 days by separate private sleeper bus for our group. I checked with driver and the route preferred is Hyd - vijAyawada - Tanuku - Ravulapalem - rajamundry - anakapally - Vizag and same route back. He is said any other route is very bad and takes more time.
  6. Yes. It's always good and morning drives are pleasent. Also we should not give a chance for trucks or busses to overtake us. If it's unavoidable then need to avoid them and let them go. Need to maintain good distance from busses and trucks at any time. On the last day of my trip as keen to reach back home I'm driving for 600+km or 12+hrs and i should avoid.
  7. In my recent trip I followed like drinking more water and have some light snacks continuosly will help me awake as my gallbladder Will be full and I have to take frequent bio breaks. Didnt feel drowsy at all. It's drive from Bangalore to Hyderabad from 9 PM to 4 AM.
  8. I faced this situation once I'm coming from Bandipur forest to Hyderabad. As I started my drive at 10AM, I have exhausted at 7.30 PM near Kurnool due to continuous drive of 600km and crossing Bangalore traffic. My eyes started burning and couldn't continue more. Finally after 1 he of search found a dabha where we stopped for a dinner and a 10 min quick nap helped me managed to drive back home by 11.30 pm. So far I drive 850 km - 3 times with small breaks and 14+ hrs of continuous drive. My experience says that don't drive beyond 600km or 12hrs on any day or at stre
  9. How safe is the place incase if you are the only family staying that night in the jungle camp?
  10. Confirmed list 1. Ranger +1 (Civic) 2. Sagar +1 (Creta) 3. Bhargav + 1(Vento) 4. Rajesh +1 (Creta)
  11. RSVP 1. Ranger +1 (Civic) 2. Sagar +1 (Creta) 3. Maroti +2 (Tigor) (Interested in joining)  4. Rajesh +1(Creta)
  12. I will just follow you....[emoji106]
  13. How do we go to lighthouse ? Any boating people contacts, safety to reach light house...where to board boat for lighthouse... I'm planning during Pongal time. For a day trip.from Hyderabad... - Subramanya temple - light house - Hamsaladeevi Return in the evening to Eluru...
  14. Any good stay options in Vattakanal, based on your experience. When you are sending these messages, I really stopped working and looking at gmaps as if like I'm travelling next week.
  15. Instead of Kodaikanal, Kerala trip like waynad, Alaphuja, munnar would be a good combination in December?
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