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  1. Color is a relative term here. The color temperature is the most important aspect. White is again warm white, white & cool white. Please check the temperature. If it's under 4000k it's good. Under 3500k is very good. 3000k or under is the best for fog & rain.
  2. Planning this in 2021. Tentatively set the dates around January 26th start & April 10th end. Planning the route for now. To be precise the target is to break the current Guinness record of 58k kms in a single country. So covid is the biggest threat for the trip.
  3. Planning a trip of 50000 km across India. Estimated the time to be 75 days including some Buffer days. Now the question is regarding covid situation. How far will it be feasible with the current scenario?
  4. Fog lamps have a specific task to do. They are designed to focus in such a way that the road is lit in foggy & rainy conditions. Projector & HID lamps change the way light is focused on the road. To top it the color temperature is critical for better visibility in foggy conditions. 3000-3500k is ideal. Yellow & normal halogens fall into this category. If you notice truckers in north & hilly areas have yellow auxiliary lights installed on their bumpers.
  5. Tata folks are saying there is wiring issues of I touch the headlamps setup. Also personally I do not want to distrub the headlamp setup. You can definitely touch them, fiddle around with them & modify to any extent without cutting any wires & ' THE SET UP HAS TO BE TOTALLY REVERSIBLE' if required.
  6. Hello @ProBiker , https://indiankanoon.org/doc/770795/ It's not specified in Section 66 of the MV act 1988 as its illegal to give lift. It's just states that no where the owner can use the vehicle as transport vehicle. Infact as per Sub-Section 3(m) of the same act , the police cannot file a case in the above shared case. Lift is considered transport if it's unknown person. Emergency is accident or medical issues
  7. The colour temperature matters. 4000-4500k is what the luxury cars usually have. Most of them also have additional lights under the 3500k mark. This will help them get the required visibility in all scenarios.
  8. Please check the color Temperature of hids before you install. 3000-3500k is ideal for all weather visibility. As temperature goes up your visibility suffers & blinds the oncoming traffic also.
  9. Please go through the sections 66 & 192 of the MV Act. It clearly mentions that it's illegal.
  10. Well! The MV act clearly prohibits a personal vehicle to be used for transporting unknown people who qualify as passengers. You can transport unknown people only in emergency - natural calamities, sick people, etc. Please go through the sections 66 & 192 of the MV Act. It clearly .
  11. This is true. Our vehicles are registered as personal or private use vehicles. You can't give lift to anyone unknown to you. You effectively make it a passenger vehicle. This is also an issue in the event of an accident & during insurance claims. Insurance companies can reject your claim for using the vehicle for illegal purposes. To bypass this car pooling & sharing apps have certain other rules in place.
  12. Very informative. With our pathetic roads & lack of proper markings along with poorly lit roads such mods become life savers. Hope manufacturers understand our requirement to survive on the road & upgrade our vehicle lighting to minimum standards. To avoid warranty issues you can try plug & play wiring harness with cutout & 130/100 or 100/90 halogen bulbs. They can be removed in 5 min & fitting will take 10 min. Disclaimer : Any modifications to the vehicle even in th interest of safety is illegal as per our existing Motor vehicle act.
  13. Hi all! Planning a Road trip to Bangkok this December. 3-4 SUVs with 12-14 members. We intend to Return by Flight Shipping the Vehicles to India. We are looking for all the Info possible which would make the trip easy. Any inputs about the same would be greatly helpful for us.
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