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  1. Tadoba needs lot of planning. You will be disappointed if you did not spot a tiger after so much planning. @SK01 Is into wildlife photography. He has as more insights on gates/booking/resorts/best time to visit etc.
  2. thank you for sharing the latest update.
  3. Check out the recent post by SK https://www.trifod.com/index.php?/topic/1837-exploring-the-unexplored-tadoba-andhari-tiger-reserve-hyderabad-to-tadoba-road-trip/
  4. Night Safari is available for general public or only for the people staying in resorts?
  5. Thank you for sharing the detailed information. It will be very helpful for the first timers.
  6. Missed this post. Looks like you guys had loads of fun. thank you for sharing.
  7. Latest update: I travelled in Feb 21. Mahbubnagar - Raichur route has improved. I am sure in last six months it would have improved more. Road between Raichur till Manvi was under repair work with most of the work was complete. I don't know much about Ballari route, but as per road trippers it could be unpredictable. Another route could be Beeechupalli-Gadwal-Raichur.
  8. Drive is going to be hectic. Roads are not great on this section. Going via Vizag is going to be long. Starting early in the morning, gives you an edge.
  9. I think you need to visit and check their terms. It is very difficult to answer that question.
  10. Wow, beautiful pictures. A perfect Tadoba guide. Thank you for sharing
  11. Wow, looks you are on a temple run. I have done this track long back. But usually roads are god around Tamilnadu. Munnar roads are time consuming. Progress is pretty slow. Always wanted to visit Dhanushkodi(Rameshwaram), but couldn't make it.
  12. Latest information, not sure abut authenticity. As per the notification of CP Hyderabad, the speed limit of all 4 wheelers should be 40 kmph within GHMC limits. The echallan of Rs 1035 will be automatically generated if the speed limit exceeds especially at the following traffic areas. 1. Kukatpally JNTU circle 2. Hi tech city X roads 3. Jubilee Hills Check post
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