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  1. Hyderabad to Goa route is not ideal for a night drive. it is not a national highway, you go through many villages.
  2. Hyderabad to Nagpur : Roads are good Nagpur to Sambalpur : Roads are good Sambalpur to Ranchi : Roads are average You need to make a halt, so plan accordingly. Doing it in a single day is not possible.
  3. It will take you more than 17+ hours easily, roads are not great. You need to start very early in the morning. Very limited food options on these sections. Carry snack bars etc.
  4. Excellent log, thank you for sharing. This will be guide for all the first timers. Agree on animals, we had a pretty close call. Luckily no major damage happened. Driving on this section during night is a mess. Cow's literally live on the highway. One of the most unpredictable highway during night.
  5. Thank you for sharing the information. This will be definitely be a guide for the people who plan their road trip in the coming months.
  6. KIA Seltos scored 3 stars in global crash test. ADULT OCCUPANT The protection offered to the driver and passenger head was adequate, both passenger and driver head bottomed out the airbags. Both adult passenger’s neck protection was good. Driver chest showed marginal protection, while passenger chest protection was good. Driver and passenger knees showed marginal protection as they could impact with dangerous structures behind the dashboard supported by the Tranfascia tube. Driver tibias showed weak and adequate protection while passenger’s tibias sh
  7. Avoid night drive on this sections, you will be driving through state highways and villages.You can do it in a single dayStart early in the morning (4AM), you will reach by SunsetMicra can do it without any problem, make sure your tyres and brakes are in good shape.
  8. Thank you for the update, helpful information.
  9. Start early in the morning, avoid nigh drives. Lot of stray animals on the road.
  10. Hyderabad to Nagpur roads are good except for few bad patches. It is a 4-lane toll road. You can plan your stopover at Nagpur and start early in the morning from Nagpur. Nagpur has hotels which are safe.
  11. You can follow the google maps, all the best for the drive and drive safe. Do update the latest conditions, when you are done with the drive. There very limited food/washrooms on this section, plan accordingly.
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