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  1. Thank you for sharing the helpful information. Looks like you guys had lot of fun.
  2. Both roads are equally good.
  3. Thank you for sharing the update. It is very helpful information.
  4. There is always a risk with builders that are not well established. As long as demand stays well, there should not be an issues. If demand falls small builders with less capitol scramble.
  5. May 1st is too early to predict, generally Telangana has very few restrictions. Make sure to check news regularly.
  6. Welcome onboard. This is the current best route ^^ Via Jadcherla there was some road work going on last year, not sure if it is completed.
  7. No restrictions as such for now. keep an eye on the news.
  8. How much is the distance from Kollur exit?
  9. April is not a good time to visit, would suggest you to wait till monsoon.
  10. There is plenty of activity around Kokapet, Kollur and Narsingi. Market is currently at peak, most of the big ventures costing close to 7K per sqft. If you find any decent deal between 4K~5k in prime areas, you should be good.
  11. Gachibowli is ideal for stopover, you can find plenty of hotels. I would suggest Radisson. If you are looking for any specific budget, I can suggest some options. Vijayawada to Rajamundry roads are under construction, can be time consuming. Do update us when you are done with the trip. Do share details your food stops as well.
  12. DAY 3 : LA to SF Drive was pretty much similar to Day1 Since we have destination charger at the hotel, started with 100% charge We had to charge twice en-route for 40mins + 40mins + 10mins We encountered heavy storm, which killed around 30% of range, we had to top-up 10minutes just before reaching home
  13. DAY 2 : LA local drives If you are driving an EV, you need to make sure that you book hotels which has destination charger. It adds lot of connivence, plug-in over night and wake up with 600 kilometers range. Destination chargers are free of cost. Destination chargers don't have any limitations on charging times. Destination charging speed is pretty low, it takes around 8~10 hours to reach 10-100% charge. Destination charger types: Tesla destination charger Third party destination charger Advantage of driving Tesla? You can
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