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  1. Camping on your own may not be a suggestible option. Place is pretty isolated during the night. Villagers may not be happy about camping. If there is any camping provider, it should be fine with a group.
  2. Fantastic trip, you shared very useful information. It will definitely help many of our readers to plan and execute. Will add this place in my todo trips. Love this picture. Appreciate, how you are passionate about traveling and showing others how it should be done. Kids will have lifetime memories. Hope some day they will read your log. Did you guys cary food? Is it part of package?
  3. Thank you for sharing the helpful information.
  4. Insurance should take care of it. I think you need to make to separate claims. If you can add pictures, it can be more helpful. You can also take second opinion outside the showroom for insurance claim. You can visit Stunnerz Auto Hub, Jubilee hills. Ask for Harish and refer my name.
  5. Plenty of new projects are stuck in pre-launch. I think it is difficult to trust new builders.
  6. Lot of debates/discussions going on Hyderabad city speed limits. Plenty of people got challans for driving above 40KMPH. I read one of the tweet from an activist recently. According to him. Not sure about the accuracy on his tweet, but 40 KMPH is pretty unrealistic and tough on people. In my opinion 60 KMPH is definitely ideal and +5KMPH buffer could help in keeping the city speeds in check. According to Hyderabad traffic police. Is it even ideal to drive under 40KMPH? One should be able to maintain 35KMPH to avoid 40 KMPH challan.
  7. Thank you for sharing the latest update. Looks like most of the road work is completed. Garuda is the best option on that section. They have neat restrooms. I had Rasam idly over there, it was amazing.
  8. Thank you for sharing, Moved it to a new post for more visibility. Looks like you had a blast. Beautiful pictures. You averaged more than 320 Kilometers per day, that is one heck of a ride. How is the road to Athirappilly waterfalls? I loved driving on the forest road towards the waterfalls in 2017.
  9. The speed limit in the city is 40KMPH, if it is beyond, the cameras will automatically generate challan. Thank you! As per the ORDER of Commissioner of Police Hyderabad, the SPEED LIMIT of all categories of vehicles is 40 kmph within GHMC limits. The e-challan of ₹1035 will be automatically generated if the speed limit exceeds especially at the following traffic areas. 1. Kukatpally JNTU circle 2. Hi tech city X roads 3. Jubilee Hills Check post 4. Tank Bund 5. Suchitra junction Confirmed by Hyderabad traffic commission https://twitter.com/HYDTP/status/1254374652761137156?s=20
  10. Hyderabad-Bellary-Hampi latest update: While going, took Hyderabad-Kurnool-Alur-Bellary route. Take this route only if you HATE your car. There is almost no road for almost 60 kms on this stretch be it SH or NH. While coming back, took Bellary-Guntakal-Gooty-Kurnool-Hyderabad route. Not the perfect route but much much better than the Kurnool-Alur route. Ignore the Kurnool-Alur route suggested by Google/Apple maps or you will regret later. Word of caution - lot of speed breakers on both the routes without any markings. Be careful.
  11. Bhopal looks like an ideal stopover. Hyderabad > Nagpur > Bhopal > Jaipur
  12. Take Nagpur road. You need to break your journey into two days. Where are you planning to take a break?
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