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Hyderabad to Gwalior Trip. (People travelling to Agra, Mathura and Delhi can also refer)
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Hyderabad to Goa Road Trip NOV 2020
Hyderabad > Belgaum >  Goa >  Belgaum > Hyderabad Travelogue Nov 2020:
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KIA Seltos scored 3 Stars in NCAP
KIA Seltos scored 3 stars in global crash test.


The protection offered to the driver and passenger head was adequate, both passenger and driver head bottomed out the airbags. Both adult passenger’s neck protection was good. Driver chest showed marginal protection, while passenger chest protection was good. Driver and passenger knees showed marginal protection as they could impact with dangerous structures behind the dashboard supported by the Tranfascia tube. Driver tibias showed weak and adequate protection while passenger’s tibias showed good and adequate protection. The bodyshell was rated as unstable and it was not capable of withstanding further loadings. Footwell area was rated as unstable. The car offers standard SBR for driver and passenger. All of the above explained the three stars for adult occupant protection.
The child seat for the 3 year old was installed FWF with the adult belt and was not able to prevent excessive forward movement during the impact while it offered poor protection to the head as it contacted with the interior of the car and good protection to the chest. The 18 month old CRs was installed with adult belt rearward facing. The head showed good protection and the chest was protected. The CRSs did not show incompatibility. The manufacturer refused to recommend the CRSs. The vehicle does not offer 3 point belts in all seating positions and it does not offer ISOFIX anchorages. All of the above explained the two stars for child occupant protection.
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Hyderabad to Chikmagaur road trip photo log
Recent Trip on Sep2020, I joined as a 12th men to this trip, 2 cars Polo and XUV 300 with 6 ppl, Road conditions was worst when we took detour towards Nandi hills, better to continue till the Bangalore Airport rd and the connecting road to Hassan, you wont regret only u have to drove 100kms etc compare to Annathapur-Challakere-Chikmaglur.
Note: Book you Homestays before starting from Hyderabad.
This thing costed us a stress and time, as i already mentioned i was a 12th man for this trip😃































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Monsoon Diaries  Kund mala and kesarsai dam Pune
Note: Lockdown is over not the Pandemic. We request travelers to follow all safety measures.
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Hyderabad to Deverakonda and Nagrajuna Sagar Back Waters
It was my first road trip in Covid-19 time. My last trip was in Feb-2020 to Kolhapur and since then I was restless for 7 months in Covid. Normally I used to travel during my birthday in July first week and I was planning for a travel despite Covid-19. But the virus did not like the idea and infected me in the end of June and I was almost sick for a month. 
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A baby boy was born in the Indigo flight, Delhi to Bangalore
In the middle of pandemic and all the chaos some heart warming pictures.




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Speed limits in Hyderabad City
Anyone has information related to speed limits in Hyderabad City?

I tried to search online but couldn't find much information. 
Nation wide limits for all the cities:
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Singur Dam, India-Drive meetup
Purpose : Breakfast drive.
Location : Singur Dam
Distance : 92 Kilometers (one way)
When: August 5th (Saturday)
Plan :
1.Meetup at 6:45 am, (Please be on time, we will be starting at sharp 7 AM)
Meetup location (Gachibowli ORR entrance) : https://goo.gl/maps/jvtUUcKrv1w
2. Breakfast stop at Silver Bawarchi Restaurant (Mumbai/Pune highway)
Restaurant location : https://goo.gl/maps/KEVxmiHXwp72
We will split the breakfast expenses. 
3. Circular well (Exploration)
Location : https://goo.gl/maps/ryKQPciEjDm
4. Singur Dam (Exploration)
Location : https://goo.gl/maps/5vejQeyWHgQ2
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Ananthagiri Hills, Vikarabad, Monsoon Magic
When : Saturday, June 15th
Why : @Saran wanted to drive  
Where : Anathagiri Hills, Vikarabad.
Start early in the morning by 5AM Explore the hills Have breakfast and drive back home by 10 AM  
Drive was planned in the whatsApp group a day before.
Me, Dr.Sudhir, Ashwin and Sridhar agreed to join him.
Had a great time meeting the new and old members.
Anathagiri hills is beautiful now, starting early morning is the best way to explore the hills.
WhatsApp chat:
Saran : Change in my plan to go to Vikarabad tomorrow early morning 5 o clock to enjoy the early morning breeze.
If anyone is up for it, reply me.

Kumsi : How do u guys wake up at 5 on a weekend? Go for a nice night drive. Weather also seems great. Isn't it?

Me : Keep me into you tentative list.
If you are planning to drive back by 9/10 AM, I will try to join.
Breakfast at Haritha, would be ideal.
@⁨Saran when are you planning to return?

Dr. Sudhir : My question too... Return plan? I would like to join at 5:00 am...  Saturdays r working days for me... For that matter Sundays too... ?
Saran : Before Hyderabad traffic wakes up
Yep.. Before 9 return

Sridhar : I will also join the drive tomorrow morning if we return by 10
Will I get the 'roadtrippin' tattoo for my car tomorrow if you are coming??
Me : Yes

Sridhar :  Is the plan on at 5am?

Saran: Will confirm in an hour.
Ashwin : I'm in.
Sridhar : 5am, Gachibowli ORR entrance is it

Saran: Yep

Sridhar : Will be at ORR entrance at 5 am
Saturday :
Me : Good morning 
Will be there at ORR entrance by 5am.
Dr. Sudhir :  Doesn't look like anyone slept ????
Saran:  Am starting to ORR, Will be there in 15 mins

Ashwin : Me too. See you there guys.
That's how it all started, Thank you saran for taking the initiative.

Places explored in Ananthagiri hills:
Anthagiri hills view point, opposite to the temple Maps :https://goo.gl/maps/1nqWq5v4AP82 Anathagiri hills lake
Maps :https://goo.gl/maps/6GeP8TC8CZK2 Haritha resort (Breakfast)
Maps : https://goo.gl/maps/dJck8f1dZJB2
More information about best places to visit in Ananthagiri Hills:
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The Automobile Lighting - Everything You Would Want To Know About Lights.
"National Crime Record Bureau’s Accidental Deaths and Suicides in India-2014 report stated that poor visibility, animals coming on the roads and parking of vehicles on road shoulders killed hundreds of people in AP and Telangana in 2014-15.
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Hyderabad hanging bridge is open
World's Longest Span Concrete Deck Extradosed Cable Stayed Bridge on #DurgamCheruvu today to the wonderful Hyderabadis.
Another jewel added to the City of Pearls!



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Harley Davidson leaving the country?
Harley is killing manufacturing plant. 
Service/Spare parts wont be a problem for existing customers.

Will it end with Harley or we will see more manufactures(expensive bikes) leaving the country?
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Hyderabad to Kondaveedu Fort
We (my son and me) went to Kondaveedu Fort on Jan 13, 2019, in our Baleno. It is approximately 275 km from Hyderabad, and drive time is around 5-1/2 hrs.
Hyderabad -> Narketpalli -> Narsaraopet -> Phirangapuram -> Kondaveedu Fort
Short Note:
Kondaveedu Fort is situated in a beautiful spread of Kondaveedu mountain ranges, located 1700 feet above the sea level and at a distance of 26 kms from Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. The fort being located on a hill top, the view from this place is awe inspiring. And driving through the newly-laid continuous hairpin bend (almost 20) ghat road is exhilarating to say the least. It is a shame that this beautiful place, once flourished as the capital of Reddy kings, could not fast become a tourist hotspot. It is only in recent years, tourists from across the state are thronging the place and enjoying the scenic beauty of the area.
We started from Hyderabad at 5:30 am and reached the fort by 10:30 am. We drove to the top of the hill, spent some time, took some photographs, enjoyed beautiful view of natural scenery and returned back. Unfortunately, we could not get into the fort as renovation work was still going on. Later, we went to Mangalagiri and Kanuka Durga temples and returned back to Hyderabad same day by 7:15 pm. Total trip distance was 635 km.
Since Kondaveedu Fort can be reached easily via road and has excellent roads, I would recommend going here for a picnic and returning on the same day. However, if you want to crash, put up in any hotel in Guntur. Although the roads have been maintained, there are not many options for food and drinks around the fort. However, presently renovation work is going on and no tourists are allowed to go to the top of the hill. We were fortunate enough to be allowed.









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Exploring The Unexplored - Kondapalli Forest / Fort & Mulapadu Forest Part-1.
Total Distance Travelled: 160kms up & down.
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Gottam gutta - A place worth visiting
The covid19 pandemic is not over. We request travelers to follow SMS
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Hyderabad places to visit under 100 kilometers
List of places to visit around Hyderabad which are under 100 kilometers
Miss road trips/traveling during COVID times? Here are the list of weekend getaways around Hyderabad which can be done without any outside contact. Pack your breakfast/lunch/water plan to start early in the morning from Hyderabad visit and place come back by afternoon.

1. Kondapochamma sagar reservoir:
2. GottamGutta Forest Hike:
3. Singur Dam:
4. Vikarabad Forest:
5. Bhongir Fort:
6. Rachakonda Fort:
7. Ranganayaka sagar reservoir:
8. Pocharam wildlife and reservoir:
9. Bidar Fort:
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Waterfalls in Telangana
List of best waterfalls to visit in Telangana
Kuntala waterfalls Bogatha waterfalls Mitte waterfalls Pittaguda waterfalls Yellama Kunta waterfalls Savathula Gundam waterfalls Pochera waterfalls Gayathri waterfalls Pedda Gundam waterfalls

Fantastic video of waterfalls by Telangana Tourism.
Video Credits :  Dulam Satya Narayana 
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Hyderabad to Gandikota, Grand canyon of India
Sharing a post by Radhika Kundur:   History of Gandikota from Wiki Gandikota is a village and historical fort on the right bank of the Penna river, 15 km from Jammalamadugu in Kadapa district, Andhra Pradesh, India.   The fort was the center of power for various dynasties, such as the Kalyani Chalukyas, Pemmasani Kamma Nayakas, and the Golconda Sultanate. Gandikota was the capital of Pemmasani Kamma Nayakas for more than 300 years. Pemmasani Ramalinga Nayaka constructed the huge fort at Gandikota with 101 towers replacing the previous sand fort constructed by Kaka Raja, Vassals of Kalyani Chalukya rulers.    Best route from Hyderabad to Gandikota Hyderabad ->Kurnool ->Nadyal -> Gandikota If you take above route you can cover following places as well: Belum Caves Ahobilam  
Below place is yet to open for public, please check before visiting has great adventure activities:

  A MUCH needed break from the monotony. With the wildest bunch of friends 3 days 2 nights.   Stayed at this amazingly comfortable tourism place which is not open yet. A place which will surprise you soon.( we could go because it was friend’s/family )   On offer are Rappelling , quads on a quad trail inside the property , kayaks , guided treks through the paths unknown (they open up to breath taking views ) , guided tour to the fort and its little secrets.also coming soon is a ropeway cable car scene.   One of the partners is the only Indian who has scaled Mt Everest solo. His team is just simply amazing. They were very encouraging, experienced and kind.   6.3hrs /382 km with 1 hr lunch break and 2 tea breaks. 11 of us ages ranging from 7 to 82.   Team Skoda with a Creta cretin thrown into the melee (we like our Skodas )   Lunch going to Gandikota was at Hill park at Jadcherla (we could not make it to Pyramid near Kurnool on time ) and while coming The Pyramid food park at Kothakota.   During our stay the accommodation provided us with hot piping meals on time - ragi Sangati , uggani and the likes. Simple yet hearty.   We thankfully got home before Nandyal and the area got flooded yesterday. (But we absolutely would not have minded being stranded where we stayed )
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Hyderabad to Ranganayaka Sagar reservoir - A short weekend getaway
We were literally frustrated due to lockdown and were looking for a short drive in the month of June. Then we got information about safe location - Ranganaya Sagar reservoir. I checked with my Baleno group BOCH ( Baleno Owners Club Hyderabad) and found one more couple for ride. We started from Hyderabad at 7 am and reached there by 10 am. Being 100 km away from Hyderabad you will find less crowd on weekends. But if you really want to enjoy plan travel on weekdays.
Road condition from Hyderabad to Ranganaya Sagar:
Roads are excellent till reservoir. Distance is around 115 km.
Time spent at Ranganaya Sagar:
It is good location for relaxation and photography. We spend around 4 hours there, had our lunch and return back by 7PM in evening.
Best time to visit Ranganaya Sagar:
Note: Best time to explore is early morning or late evening to witnesses sunrise and sunset.
Food availability at Ranganaya Sagar:
Carry own food and water, you will find nothing around it.
Some of the important facts about Ranganaya sagar reservoir:
It is part of multi-stage lift Irrigation of Kaleshwaram Plan is to make Godavari river live through out the year over a streach of 274 kilometers to make farming efficient. Provides irrigation  














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Road trips in Electric Car experience
Sharing electric car driving experience from the past five months. 
Tesla model X, Long range
Real world range :
500 Kilometers 

Useable range:
400 Kilometers (We usually charge before last 100 kilometers distance to empty)

Battery capacity:
100 KWH
Charge stations:
Different types of charging stations:
Tesla super chargers Home chargers Destination chargers Office commute chargers  Government chargers   
1. Tesla super chargers:
10% to 90% charge is usually completed under 40 minutes.
Tesla recently introduced V3 charging stations with 200 KWH capacity.
Charging is free for cars like Model S and X
Cars like Model 3 an Y has nominal fee.
Inside city limits, some stations are available near malls, so plug-in and by the time you done your grocery shopping.
Car is ready with 90% charge.
Highways, Super chargers are very helpful on highways. 
They are located near restaurants/malls/food outlets/supermarkets.
99% times one wont realise that it is a charging break. 
By the time we fresh-up, eat food and take loo break car is ready. 
2. Home Chargers:
Usually they take around 9 hours to charge, key word "Over nigh charging"
Full charge @ Home costs around 700/- (roughly comes around 1.5~2 rupee per kilometer)
Most of the old infra(housing) apartments sill lack charging facilities, some users completely depend on SuperChargers around their home.
No such issues for people living in independent housing facilities. 
3. Destination Chargers:
Destination chargers are redefining road trips in Tesla, few hotels started implementing over nigh charging stations. 
They are very helpful and reduce the overall charging time and range anxiety.
4. Office commute chargers :
These are located at office premises, they usually have ~ 2 hours limit. They are free of cost.
They are slow but they add around 80 kilometers range, these are built to cover your office commute.
5. Government chargers:
Government chargers are rapidly increasing in states like California. There is huge investment pumping into the charging infra.
These are generic, can be used by any car. 

Traditional cars perform better on highways compared to city limits.
EVs don't loose much range inside limits, in-fact they are more efficient inside city limits.
Ev's loose range rapidly when driven at high speeds, above 120 kmph.
Under 120 kmph be it city limits or highways, range stays flat.
There is on competition here, electric cars wins hands down.
Cars like model X and S can shame some likes of Ferrari/Lambo etc
They are super quick 0-100
They win most of the signal drags
They are unreliable quick
0-100(S) : 2.5 seconds
Long drive planner:
Tesla inbuilt road trip planner is fantastic.
900 kilometers trip plan : 15 minutes(Planned for road trip)+ 45 minutes (Lunch break) + 35 minutes (Tea break/Shopping)

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Mobile App
Trial Mobile App Now
We have added a new mobile app for www.TriFOD.com

Mobile App is still beta stage, but tech enthusiasts can try out and give us feedback. 
  Installing the app
Install test flight from IOS App store Click on below link from Safari  https://testflight.apple.com/join/bzsWOXFO After installing App, enable notifications Click on Automotive -> TriFod  
Android users can download the App from the PlayStore 
Install the app from the below link https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.invisioncommunity.communities After installing App, enable notifications Click on Automotive -> TriFod  
You may face some early issues, but once the final app is out. It should be good to go.
Try it and let us know the feedback.
Click on Discover

Select Automotive

Selcet "TriFOD"



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Hyderabad to Kondapochamma Sagar Reservoir:  A short drive gateway
After unlock 4.0 we started exploring options for travel, which should be short one and safe.
Got info about Kondapochamma reservoir and decided to explore it.
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Drive to Akka Mahadevi caves
Last weekend, We went a on a small drive from Hyderabad to Srisailam.

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