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  1. You need not be bring you car. Only your presence required. I have done hypotication removal next day after getting documents, so I don't have idea about document validity. No other documents required apart from mentioned above.
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  2. Please suggest best route from Ellora caves to Hyderabad. If anyone has recently travelled to Shirdi suggestions pls
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  3. Please see my comment above. I had closed the loan in September of last year and submitted yesterday. Had not issues and they accepted it.
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  4. Thanks @mit1682 Its very helpful post. exactly what i was looking for. I have to remove my car's hypothecation. few queris i have. My car is in banagalore and i am not planning to bring it in hyderabad only for this. Hope its ok. I have NOC and Form 35 from SBI but its 4 month old? Do i need to get it re-issued as i heard there is 3 month validity I am coming just for this work- is there any other things i need to take care of before planning this trip.
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