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  2. Excellent report @Sridhar Tandra, Loved the details.. This place reminded me of Chaparai water rocks in Araku valley. Marked Bodakaona falls into my list to do. And as @LoneRangersaid, this place surely looks seasonal. Thank you for sharing such a detailed report.
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  4. My 2 cents to the topic under discussion.. Right now, Kokapet IT SEZ is the reason behind this sudden boom in the areas like Kokapet, Mokila and Kollur. Mokila has already got good number of constructions finished, Kokapet projects are in progress where as projects in Kollur are about to start while a few have already started... my friend works in the real estate firm and has shared a lot of projects that are going to commence in Kollur. It is always a good idea to invest in prelaunch flats and plots are you end up getting everything almost for half the price by the time
  5. Very detailed blog. Thanks for sharing. One more location added in my bucket list. Can all above Spot be able to complete in 1 day?
  6. Yes , Bodakonda waterfall is a seasonal waterfall. It doesn't have any flow during summers.
  7. Lockdown offer that I received. Luxury flats for sale GATED COMMUNITY - HMDA and RERA PRE -LAUNCH OFFER FREE CAR PARKING AND AMENITIES FREE G.S.T and Registration Location: Kollur(financial district) No. of floors - g+17 No. of flats - 1250 2 bhk - 26 lacs (actual price -38.5 lacs) 3 bhk - 32 lacs (actual price -47lacs) *Rs 2499/- per sft including(CAR PARKING, AMENITIES ,GST, REGISTRATION) location highlights : near to financial district -15mins drive near to IT companies- 20mins drive Surrounded with international schools an
  8. Very detail report. Thank you for sharing Sridhar. Never heard of Bodakonda till date. I guess this place is active only during monsoon?
  9. This is one of the forward that I received recently. No information on the project name. Investment opportunities in a 30 Acre Plus. G + 14 High Rise Gated Community with All modern Amenities. Do let me know, if any of the below options suit ur requirements. Below are the location highlights: Just 500 mts away from Kollur ORR Exit 2. Located within the growth corridor as site is less than 500 mts from the ORR. Reputed international schools in the radius of 4 kms (Birla, Samashti and Gaudium etc) 20 minute drive to Wipro junction 10 minute drive to Financi
  10. I think Shekar question is on under construction properties, not a pre launch. Under construction properties will have higher price, depending on the progress. Agree that Kollur is a good option but one need to tread carefully. Kollur is a decent option, If you have more budget consider projects in Kokapet. Housing is very active in this area.
  11. Excellent report Sridhar. Any restrictions at Ethipothala and NagarjunaSagar dam?
  12. Kollur pre-launch options are generally between 2200/- ~ 2500/- depending upon project/builder. Kollur is a very good option. Pre-launch in the current situation is a gamble. Construction progress can be slow compared to pre-COVID days. Many people I know have invested in different projects around Kollur. All in all, it is a gamble. It is still a good option. What is the price quoted?
  13. The project is Signature Avenues. It is in 6 Ac land with 10 +1+1 Floor construction abt 480 units in total. I stay East of Hyderabad near LB Nagar and do not have much knowledge about Kollur.
  14. We looked at few options in Kollur but market situation doesn’t look good. Kollur is next housing hub for sure. But it is far away from City. if there is an economy slump, places like Kollur and Mokila will take major hit. Properties which are close to city are safe bet in the current situation. Also big brands can sustain well in these difficult times. if it is a big brand Kollur should be fine. if it is unknown/new builder avoid it.
  15. Hello All I am back with a recent family outing that we did since lockdown. Family members were also at their peak frustration sitting at home for so many months and were badly looking for someone to take them out which gave us the thought of this family outing. We initially planned to drive to Vikarabad / Ananthagiri but then plan got changed at the last moment to visit Bodakonda / Sagar / Ethipothala since most of our family members have been to Vikarabad. 4 of our organizing committee folks have visited Bodakonda falls on 2 wheelers on Saturday which is kind of reckk
  16. Is it wise to invest in under construction apartment projects in Kollur. Completion period is 3.5 to 4 Years from now. If so what is the best price.
  17. Please suggest the list of places that we missed. We will update the post accordingly.
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  19. You can comfortably do Hyderabad to Delhi in two days. You need to start early in the morning. Avoid night drives, roads have too many stray animals. You need to plan your stopover at Sagar. Regarding road condition update. Go through the above details.
  20. List of places to visit around Hyderabad which are strictly under 100 kilometers Miss road trips/traveling during COVID times? Here are the list of weekend getaways around Hyderabad which can be done without any outside contact. Pack your breakfast/lunch/water plan to start early in the morning from Hyderabad visit and place come back by afternoon. 1. Kondapochamma sagar reservoir: 2. GottamGutta Forest Hike: 3. Singur Dam: 4. Vikarabad Forest: 5. Bhongir Fort: 6. Rachakonda Fort:
  21. We planned for it. But couldn't do it. This one deserves to be in the list. Thank you for the update.
  22. Somasila project is one place I feel we should consider ..
  23. Adding two more places to the list. Updated the first post. If you guys know any other places that we missed, please comment below.
  24. Are they allowing self camping over here? This way we can be safe from COVID as well.
  25. Amazing travel story.. Love the details and pictures. Will make sure to visit this place this coming weekend
  26. Hi @mayank, Adding up a few details about this venture and their recent price details. I would surely recommend this project as this falls in a very good residential areas and beside the Aparna Tulip which is one of their very reputed projects.
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