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  2. This is one of the most anticipated projects being launched in Hyderabad offlate. It was launched at a price of 6,250 per sft. One of my colleague had booked his flat for 6500 per sft.
  3. Amazing! This looks like a massive venture from Rajapushpa builders. Yes, any idea about the price?
  4. Sharing the latest price list of this project. Hope this is helpful for members. Source: WhatsApp
  5. Thank you for sharing the latest update.
  6. Project name : Celosia Nest Builder company/name : Virtusa Life Spaces Project Status: Under construction Project price(per sq.yd) : 26,000/- Project Location : Isnapur, https://goo.gl/maps/sAaBAtPJfi325XkK7 Project Details:
  7. Wow, Looks pretty good. Looks like it is next to My Home Avatar. 40 floors is the new trend in Hyderabad. Venture looks huge.
  8. Project name : Rajapushpa Provincia Builder company/name : Rajapushpa Project Status: Pre-Launch Project price(per sqft) : NA Project location: Narsinghi Google maps link : https://goo.gl/maps/aetJyXSokqRDmJ3i6 Project RERA: NA Possession Timeline: NA Project Amenities: All modern amenities Project details:
  9. Any update on the recent price? Did they launch it? Hope it is facing ORR
  10. This is probably the tallest so far in the Hyderabad city as per my Knowledge.. I’ve recently visited their Acropolis Venture at Nanakramguda. Loved their quality of work and options given. Totally worth the investment and I’m sure this is going to be one of their best ventures in Hyderabad
  11. What is the construction status of this project?
  12. This is a very informative platform for everyone to know about the upcoming projects in Hyderabad. Thanks to all the users for sharing the realty information so that everyone can get a fair deal.
  13. Yes you can go by this route, but the problem is you have to start too early from Hyderabad i.e., by 3:00 AM (in order to escape city traffic). If you are a person who can drive for long distances in a single stretch. You will reach Jabalpur by 6:00PM (due to good road conditions). You can get some decent hotels at Jabalpur. Next day you can start from Jabalpur, by night you can reach Lucknow. Take care while driving between Jabalpur and Rewa. After Rewa you can get good road conditions and you can drive from Rewa to Lucknow in Single stretch (try to avoid traffic in Prayagraj)
  14. We removed the pricing details. It is just an information sharing platform not an advertising platform.
  15. Gowtham sir please remove the Team 4 LIFESPACES advertisement in TriFod. Life spaces management, decided not to give any advertisement on Miyapur project. Ok I will send the same to admin@trifod. Thank you
  16. What is the current selling price of this project? Is it launched or still in its pre launch stage?
  17. Updating project details and current price list of this venture: Land Area - 11 Acres No Of Blocks - 8 Floors – G+15 Total No Of Flats - 1300 Phase – 1 Sales Open 2 Blocks SIZES 2BHK - 1174 SFT & 1366 SFT 3BHK – 1583 SFT & 1793 SFT PRICING Base Price 2BHK – Rs. 6240/SFT 3BHK – Rs. 6240 /SFT Car Park - Rs. 275000/- Club House - Rs. 275000/- Infrastructure Charges - Rs. 250 /SFT Floor Rise - Rs. 20 /SFT Fifth Floor Onwards Building Maintenance Charges - Rs 42 /SFT 1 Year Corpus Fund - Rs. 42 /SFT GST – 5% + Registration
  18. We don't share/allow any numbers. If you have any concern you can mail to admin@trifod.com We can add your contact to the main post. Also we can update the latest details on your behalf.
  19. The elevation reminds me of The Peak by Jayabheri on the ORR. Nice one from Hallmark Builders.. This would probably be their tallest high rise venture so far.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Please remove this advertisement. Company management is restricting any one to give adds about Life spaces. The management is trying to reach you but no phone number is available. Given number in add is not available. I can share my number at your request.
  22. I too ran into the same and seems to be a bug in the website. Start the process again and it will get you to the slot booking screen.
  23. Check this link, someone recently did similar route. https://www.trifod.com/index.php?/topic/1623-bangalore-to-prayagraj/
  24. ok. Any idea on Hyderabad to Lucknow via Hyderabad - Nagpur - Jabalpur - Prayagraj - Lucknow route.
  25. Sagar has decent hotels, we stayed there during our Hyderabad to Delhi drive. Hyderabad to Nagpur roads are good, Nagpur to Sagar are decent. Not sure about Sagar to Lucknow. Avoid night drives on these sections. Lot of stray animals on the road and highway lacks basic antiquates. Start early in the morning and plan accordingly. Food courts are very limited on these sections, you need to depend on road side dhabas.
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