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  4. Project Name : Sahiti Sudheeka Project Location : Mokila Google pin : https://maps.app.goo.gl/ATL7mAQAZohitrq9A Price details : Project details : Layout details :
  5. Laxmi nivasam Is the first suite room complex at yadigirigutta. 306 studio rooms 2.06 acres Amenities : 1. Temp controlled pool 2. Yoga hall 3. Meditation hall with akandadeepam 4. Pure veg restaurant 5. Free shuttle bus to temple 6. Indoor games hall 7. Banquet hall Every suite room is fully furnished and is offered at 1749999/- . Each suite owner will get a monthly rental of 10000/- per month with an annual increase of 5 % every year for a decade . Every owner can utilise
  6. I am sharing the latest details received from Aparna Constructions GREETINGS FROM APARNA CONSTRUCTIONS ! ''APARNA SAROVAR ZICON'' Launched At Nallagandla, Kanchi gachibowli. °PROJECT HIGH LIGHTS:- ✓25.57ACRES ✓81%- OPEN SPACE ✓14 TOWERS ✓ G + 26FLOORS ✓OPEN FOR BOOKING BLOCK- I, J, K, L & N 4 BHK - 2765 sft 3 BHK - 1740 , 1825 & 1910 sft 2.5 BHK - 1530sft & 1495sft 2 BHK - 1240 & 1310sft
  7. As per my knowledge, the sales team at the venue are still selling the flats but they’re from the land owners share of flats. Builders share of flat got sold out..
  8. Please refer to the same thread, members who have travelled lately have shared their experiences about their travel
  9. I shall DM you the number of the sales team
  10. Hello Sir, How is the condition of road now from Jalna to Karanja? It would be a great help if you could guide me. I am planning May end, a trip to Nagpur from Pune. Shall we opt for 1)Pune-Ahmednagar-Aurangabad-Jalna-Dusarbid-Lonar-Risod-Washim-MangrulPir-Karanja-Amravati-Nagpur? OR 2)Pune-Ahmednagar-Aurangabad-Jalna-Dusarbid-Lonar-Risod-Washim-MangrulPir-Rudrala-Kupta-Darwha-Yavatmal-Wardha-Nagpur OR 3)Pune-Ahmednagar-Pathardi-Majalgaon-Manvat-Parbhani-Basmat-Ardhapur-Mahurgad-Yavatmal-Wardha-Nagpur
  11. Hi Amrit, Did you travelled to Indore? if yes, share your experience as i plan to travel this week.
  12. Can someone share the contact number of sales team? current status of the project?
  13. Any my home mangala resale flats available for sale..?
  14. I hope the road is improved by this date. Roads are repaired and ok to drive today. Can anybody post the new updates if you have. I am planning for Nagpur from Pune this month end with small kids.
  15. Hi Sagar kindly share your contact details.Thank you.

  16. Excellent write up @NareshReddy237.. Thoroughly enjoyed ready your travel story.. Good details and fun pictures.. Thanks much for sharing your experience.. Sure you had an amazing time as your pictures speak..
  17. Not sure about the current state if it’s launched or not but, the villas plan is not at pre launch.. it is shelved currently
  18. I am planning to drive down to Indore from Hyderabad sometime next week with family. Let me know if any one planning to go towards Bhopal/Indore? Also, any recent experience at border check points. What documents to carry? I plan to complete the journey in one day starting 5am.
  19. Got to know that the project has also got Rera approval now. Not sure what are the prices now
  20. is this pre-launch offer still exist? also any idea on if they would do the pre launch for villas as well?
  21. Thanks for that. Looks like this project's pre-launch was announced long time back (around 2018) and no further updates/progress after that. Do you have any latest news/confirmed details on the pre-launch ?
  22. Yeah, Let me explain this. **These are purely my personal opinion from my experience. Precautions: Usually I stop my driving before sunset, So that it will be easy to identify the camping site, Mostly I prefer Temples as camping sites. I always carry two charging lights, We park our vehicles around the tents. Safety: When we are only boys, It is almost safe to camp anywhere. When we have ladies with us, Camping should be done in group, at-least > 5 Yes, South India is safe for camping, [I did not camped in north, So no idea].
  23. Hi Guys, I am planning to travel from Hyderabad to Indore next week with family - me, my wife, and daughter. What documets should I carry for border crossing? Can I complete the trip in one day? planning to start 5 am from Hyd. Any input, recommendation or someone planning a trip towards Bhopal/Indore, then let me know. Thanks in advance.
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  25. That is a nice plan and trip. What precautions you took while camping? Is camping safe in India! when we have ladies with us?
  26. Once COVID is gone. we should plan a drive with TriFOD group. It would be fun.
  27. In this case you can skip the entry into Karnataka. You can go to Vellore via Kadapa and Chittoor. From Vellore you can reach Coimbatore via Salem. You have to travel nearly 100kms. through this route. Also, your travel time may increase by another 3 hrs. But one possible way is you can take night halt in Vellore if you want.
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