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  2. I recently ( onwards 24 Nov 2020 and return 28 Nov 20) and travelled from Pune to Nagpur by car. Started at0430 from Pune. The Road upto Jalna is 4 lane busy traffic . Thereafter took Jalna-Sindhed Raja-Mehkar-Malegaon-Shelu Bazar-Karanja route. The most important difficulty to note for future users is please avoid route beyond Mehkar-Malegaon-Shelu Bazar-Karanja because the road is in extremely bad condition and full of multiple pot holes spread all across carriageway width. Further the road between Malegaon-Dongaon is only single lane while the second lane is dug up. Very long ques n both wa
  3. How are the roads between Hyderabad and Vizag after the recent heavy rains. If anybody travelled recently on this route kindly give updates.
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  5. Hyderabad to Nagpur road is good (except some pot hole on road between Kelapur toll and Borkhendi toll) Nagpur and Sambalpur is good (except two way road at three places after Nagpur before Bhilai) Sambalpur to Jharkhand boarder is average except one or two place bad road (mostly two way road once you leave Sambalpur highway Jharkhand boarder to Kolebera very bad road (you can say no raod at all for 3 km near Kolebera) Kolebera to Larba + 2KM road is average, after that road is good except breaker until Ranchi.
  6. I am planning a trip to GOA from HYD by car tin Dec last weekend. So anyone ca suggest me the best route for that? I am planning to leave around 4:00 AM from Hyderabad to Goa which way i have to take?
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  8. Guys I am planning to do a solo bike ride from Bangalore to Delhi. How safe is it?
  9. Hi There, What would be the best option to reach Kolkata from Mumbai? Via Nagpur or Hyderabad? As I will be traveling alone safety is one of my priority followed by better roads. Please guide. Would appreciate any special tips or notes that can make my journey hassle-free. Thanks.
  10. The starting price is 6 Cr. Too expensive.
  11. @sagar It's North Candolim, Goa. Near by Hayatt place. This property has a total of 6 rooms and 1 pent house... 1st 3 floors, it has 2 rooms per floor and 4th floor fully is of pent house with 2 bedrooms and a small private pool. Pent house can accommodate some 10 to 12 members because it has 2 bedrooms and extra beds etc.,(Total=around 40Nos) If couples are travelling then obviously in 1st 3 floors, 1 couple per room... 6couples and pent house 2 couples. Total 8 couples(16Nos). It totally depends on how we can make use of that place and space. S
  12. @sagar Normal ground cleaning and blue sheets work has been started. Project launch & works will officially commence at full force after 1st week of Feb, 2021.
  13. I am planning for Hyderabad to Indore and Return. From above posts I am sure I am not to going via Nagpur. My brother's suggestion. a) Hyderabad -----> Pune (Stay)-------> Indore. (This is adding approx. 200 to 300 Km extra) But all are 4 lane. b) Hyderabad ----> Aurangabad (stay)------> Indore For option B:- What will be the best route.. Via Tuljapur or via Nanded. Can it be done without stay. Any suggestions on Aurangabad Stay. Major food Points for Lunch/ dinner. Any issues in Hills kannad Au
  14. Hyderabad to Goa route is not ideal for a night drive. it is not a national highway, you go through many villages.
  16. Anjana may you share where you stayed during the route. I have similar situation as yours and planning to stay in between nagpur and sagar. Planning to go in 2nd week of December.
  17. We didnt stop at any restaurant or food joints as we were carrying our food with us... Had a night halt at Raipur only at Hotel Marriott, which i felt had taken adequate COVID precautions and sanitization measures.
  18. Can any one suggest which is best route to Chennai.
  19. Can you share an update on the road conditions and the route from Hyd to Gokarna. I am planning a trip soon and would like some advice.
  20. Hyderabad to Nagpur : Roads are good Nagpur to Sambalpur : Roads are good Sambalpur to Ranchi : Roads are average You need to make a halt, so plan accordingly. Doing it in a single day is not possible.
  21. It will take you more than 17+ hours easily, roads are not great. You need to start very early in the morning. Very limited food options on these sections. Carry snack bars etc.
  22. Excellent log, thank you for sharing. This will be guide for all the first timers. Agree on animals, we had a pretty close call. Luckily no major damage happened. Driving on this section during night is a mess. Cow's literally live on the highway. One of the most unpredictable highway during night.
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  24. @Satyam Did you travel on 20th from hyd to ranchi ? I am also planning to travel on 28th Nov. Please let me know the current status of roads and your experience if you travelled.
  25. I have recently finished off my road trip from Hyderabad to Gwalior. Covering a total distance of ~1200 KMs, below are some of the pointers. I have also shared a picture mentioning the time taken. I really hope this helps you. Date: 22nd Nov 2020 & 23rd Nov 2020 Vehicle used : Baleno Delta petrol Fuel consumption : around two full tanks ~ 6k (got around 20KMPL) Speed : I have tried to maintain a speed between 85 to 100 as i am not habitual to drive for long on highways. Maximum i have reached is 121 KM. Sta
  26. Hey Guys, Looking to drive in my Toyota Yaris from Navi Mumbai to Hyderabad in the second week of December. Want to get any suggestions on route, Route Conditions, Repairs, Suggestions. Planning to do it in a single day starting early at 5 AM.
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