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  2. Wonderful article @SK01 . The pictures were out of the world the greens , the blues and the camera angles were simply awesome. The Dowleswaram barrage looks full to the brim in the canal. Were all the gates of cotton barrage open??
  3. Thanks Gowtham and Kshitij!! The information shared here would certainly helps alot. I am driving first time for a longer ride. I have figo hatchback petrol. Planning the trip from Hyderabad to Bhopal coming saturday. I know corona is there so dont want to stay in hotel and Just 1-2 hour rest in car on a petrol pump seems to work, but dont know If I can reach to Bhopal same day in late evening If I start at 3:00 am morning. Your suggestion would certainly help me alot. Please opine.
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  5. Hyundai vin to pincode 2020. Web price
  6. Thanks @mit1682. That's a beautiful place. Enjoyed a lot. Should visiting during monsoon to experience the real beauty.
  7. This is how I am planning it.. Stay Options Nagpur - JK Rooms 146 Check Inn Service Apartment Gwalior - https://shubhim.com/ Still need to find stay options for return at Narsinghpur and Hyd (after ORR exit towards Bangalore)
  8. Wow beautiful travel log @SK01. Photos are eye catching. Looks like you enjoyed to the fullest.
  9. Thanks Sagar, so you recommend avoiding Seoni and taking Nagpur - Chhindwara - Narsinghpur?
  10. Hi, Staying at Sagar will be difficult as I don't think we will be able to drive Blr to Sagar on first day..
  11. Thanks Gawtham.. Yes we plan to stay at Nagpur.. As we have dog (small Shih Tzu breed) not all hotels we can stay in.. MY first preference was Le Meridien but they dont allow Pets. I have only only option as of now - JK Rooms 146 Check Inn Service Apartment - which is near to Airport. Wanted more options along with highway... There are several resorts in Pench but not sure if we will be able to cover that distance and will they be open late night.. We don't plan to drive in night beyond 10PM..
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  13. HI Dhruv, I will just add my experience over the nice details already shared by Sagar in the above post. Solapur-Nipani route condition has been very inconsistent, and you can avoid that for sure (disclaimer: I last drove on this route 2-years ago; Solapur-Kolhapur-Nipani-Belagavi). However, if you want to enter Goa (especially North Goa) via Gandhinglaj - Amboli Ghat, then you might think of Solapur-NIpani -Amboli ghat, after assessing the current road conditions. I have not driven on Amboli ghat, but have read good reviews I went to Goa in Feb 2020, so I agree with suggestio
  14. Total Distance Travelled: 160kms up & down. Time Taken: 7.5 hrs. Road Condition: Excellent. Vehicle: Ford Freestyle Titanium 1.5 TDCi. Route: Gannavaram – Prakasam Barrage – Gollapudi – Lanco Circle – Kondapalli village – Lanco Circle – VGA – HYD NH – Kondapalli forest ghat – Kondapalli fort – HYD – VGA NH – Mulapadu village – Mulapadu Butterfly Park. It was the 28th day of August. More than 6 months locked in our homes. Yes, the lockdown has been lifted. But the virus is till there. Three visits to my hometown, Rajahmahendravaram / Dow
  15. This forward is doing rounds from the past 4 months. Im not sure if it is the same project which is close to Leonia resort.
  16. Hyderabad to Goa route is very messy. Best route changes every year. Monsoon will make things even worst. Be cautious on how you use Google maps. If you miss a single a single turn you will end up in completely new route. Main question, North Goa or South Goa?
  17. Hyderabad to Nagpur roads are excellent, complete 4-lane toll road, except for last few kilomteres. Plan your stay in Nagpur. Nagpur has plenty of options. You need to plan Nagpur to Barielly carefully. Very limited facilities on these roads. Avoid night drives, once you cross Napur, you will find plenty of stray animals on the highway. Cows literally sleep on highway. Be cautious when the lighting is low.
  18. Do check out the link above for more information on the restaurants on this stretch..
  19. Sagar Accommodation: Sagar town is located little away from Highway, you need to take a diversion from the highway. Road leading to town is little isolated(during night), no need to panic. 1. Hotel crown palace (best option, recommended for families) https://goo.gl/maps/ntszPcNfdE62 2. Hotel Royal palace (ideal for bachelors and cheap) https://goo.gl/maps/PNhrTfswQJ82 3. Hotel Sagar Saroja spa and resort (ideal for bacherlors, rooms are big and they have a nice swimming pool, hotel is located in the interior areas of Sagar, approach roads are bad) https://goo.gl
  20. Hi @Satyawali, would recommend a route change at this moment. Avoid the Seoni route currently as it has become worse than Hinganghat.. Hyderabad to Adilabad : Excellent toll road(one of the best in the country) Adilabad to Hinganghat : You will come across very bad patches and the worst part is they collect tolls on this stretch. Hinganghat to Nagpur : Road are excellent, you will encounter traffic as you get near to Nagpur. Crossing Nagpur is pain, there is no outer ring road or bypass. Due to metro work there are many bottle necks and diversions. It will ta
  21. Hi Dhruv, Hyderabad to Goa latest road condition update. Splitting the roads into different sections to give clear information. Best route to Goa? It always varies from year to year. Best route: Hyderabad > Zaheerabad > Humnabad > Gulbarga > Vijayapura > Bagalkot > Belgaum > Dodamarg > Goa Hyderabad to Humnabad: Excellent 4-lane road Humnabad to Gulbarga : Smooth 2-lane road, you can take Gulbarga outer ring road to skip the traffic Gulbarga to Belgaum : Smooth 2-lane road, some of it has a toll Belgaum to Goa: Roads are
  22. Dear Friends, I am planning a road trip to Goa with my one year old child. I would greatly appreciate some specific feedback on the most ideal route to take. Other than what Google is showing as regular routes, I was contemplating Hyderabad - Solapur - Kolhapur - Nipani - Goa.
  23. Planning to drive from Bangalore to Bareilly (UP) in Oct 20.. We are family of 4 and a dog. Dog is the reason of driving down this distance. Have read lots of posts that Bangalore to Nagpur is doable in one day. Planning as below Start early from Bangalore, reach Nagpur by late evening. Next day Nagpur to Gwalior and third day Gwalior to Bareilly Route Bangalore - Hyderabad - Nagpur Nagpur - Seoni - Narsinghpur - Sagar - Lalitpur - Jhansi - Gwalior Gwalior - Agra - Hathrus - Budaun - Bareilly If anyone can give inputs on following
  24. Hi guys. Planning to drive down from Nagpur to Kolkata and want to avoid Sambalpur- Kharagpur stretch. Was thinking of taking Nagpur-Raipur-Soheli-Kharda- Bhubaneswar-Kolkata. Please suggest what is latest condition of NH 55 and NH57. Which is better to be taken? NH 55 would connect Sambalpur to Cuttack and NH 57 would connect from NH16 to Bhubaneswar-Kolkata road. Looking forward to hearing from you guys
  25. That was crazy ORR changed the dynamics of Kollur. Negotiate hard, lot of cash crunch in the market. It is a buyers market. Verify the builder authenticity. Take your time before making a decision. Pricing wont go up for the next six months.
  26. Adding to the list are Pakhal lake, Somasila project, Chandraghad fort, Bheemunipadam waterfalls
  27. Thanks for the feed back. The said property is at foundation level and the price quoted is below 2500 incl amenities excluding GST+Registration. I am planing to visit tomorrow and see actual development. Incidentally my first job was at Kollur in Universal Tiles (now defunct) in 1984. Present Hindalco, then it was Annapurna Foils land was purchased at Rs.25K per acre.
  28. Very good compilation of all the places under 100 kilometers close to Hyderabad.. I think we can also include Manjeera Dam and Reservoir, Edupayala, Medak fort, Osman Sagar into the list..
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